About the Comic


Welcome to the World of The Wellkeeper!


Zoe Kostopoulos is on the run for her life. Pursued by dark forces hunting her across the country for reasons unknown to her. But on her journey of survival, Zoe meets a young boy named Sebastian and immediately their fates are intertwined.


 THE WELLKEEPER© is the tale of a young girl name Zoe, the latest in a long line of women known as Wellkeepers. She is charged with the task of guarding the living energies of the earth itself and is empowered to communicate and control those very forces. With these gifts, Zoe can talk with plant, animals and control the forces of life itself. But she is hunted by dark forces that seek to destroy her to take her gifts and bring about the death of all things.

New pages of the 12 chapter graphic novel will be available to read HERE every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I hope you return to continue the adventure and discover the secret of The Wellkeeper!